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About Me

Abridged Bio

My name is Sam Jackson. I’m currently a management consultant at Oliver Wyman, and previously attended Yale University (’11); I was in Trumbull College, the best residential college at Yale. These days I live in NYC and am out in the world trying to find out where I can make the biggest positive impact for those around me. Before too long, I want to build a space elevator and terraform the solar system.

You can find past versions of this site here. Please read these disclaimers about site content and privacy.

For a more academic exploration of my thoughts about the intersection of politics and technology, feel free to take a look at my undergraduate thesis, “Hijacked Dreams: Technological Determinism and the Idea of Progress.” I promise you’ll learn something new!

I was in the Yale-PKU Joint Program in Fall 2009, where I had a great time studying abroad in Beijing. I graduated in 2007 from Phillips Exeter Academy, in Exeter, NH. You can read about my work experiences as well if you are interested.

I love the outdoors, animals, learning, art, reading, gadgets, civil liberties… if you want to send me tracts of rainforest, pictures of cute animals, good books to read (or suggestions of good books), shiny electronics, or something of a similar nature, you are always welcome to do so!

I try to learn important life lessons from my golden retrievers, Arlo and Cozmo, and my cat, Mittens. Autumn is my favorite season, because I love the New England foliage and the pleasant weather. Halloween is, of course, the best holiday of the year (it’s also my birthday).

(To save anyone from asking: it’s Samuel A.B. Jackson – no ‘L,’ and no, I’m not going to change it, even though he’s awesome.)


This page last updated: Aug 1, 2013.