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Homepage History

Online Branding Matters

I’ve been on the interwebs for a while. I first came into when I got it to run a (not-quite-successful) campaign for student government in High School. Before then, I’d had different online identities and brands. But finally, one site to unite them all! Or something.

A Brief History of the World


  • I started blogging here about the mundane details of my life in 2004… but it wasn’t very interesting.


  • The mundane anxieties of life had turned mostly to the subject of my own college admissions process at this time, and I (Phillips Exeter Academy ’07), began publishing my thoughts about college admissions, marketing, and the state of higher education on a blog I called The Sam  Jackson College Experience.
  • Savvy outreach, consulting, and brand management online helped me get into college.


  • I went on to (sort of) detail my college experience as an undergraduate at Yale University. I was a lazy blogger. Statistically so.
  • I also updated a more basic vCard-type profile as the landing page to my existence. These were separate, though.
  • Savvy outreach, consulting, and brand management online helped me get different jobs.


  • Dry spell. Sorry.
  • Started work in the ‘real world,’ but 95% of the work I was / am doing, couldn’t be shared. Very busy, hard to blog / breathe / live.

2012 – ?

  • Revamped site.
  • Savvy outreach, consulting, and brand management online helped me take over the world.
    • Not yet, but, that’s why I’m updating the site after all… right? That, and vanity.



This page last updated: Aug 27, 2012.