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2012 October



Case Interviews & How to Think (Weird) Like a Consultant

Case interviews are the preferred way to identify promising candidates for jobs in management consulting. They are a core part of the interview process at Oliver Wyman, McKinsey, BCG, Bain – everywhere. I think they are interesting because they reveal what consulting is like and highlight the fact that consultants think (are?) weird. I find them fun.

While case interviews are ‘coachable’ and not always a perfect predictor of success in consulting, if you don’t like thinking through a case, you probably wouldn’t like being a consultant. To succeed at both requires you to look at the world a bit differently. Read more…



The Tangled Social Webs We Weave (Network & Relationship Visualizations)

Last week I wrote about people and networks in business at a high, abstract level. Today I want to zoom in. The lead picture here is a snapshot of my LinkedIn network from the InMaps tool. It’s awesome and it’s powered by magic. But it’s more than just a cute visualization – it tells us interesting things, too. (I’d love to see what the LinkedIn data teams have done with the information, e.g., how different segments of network users vary in terms of how their networks look.)

For me, my map of ~300 links clearly shows distinct networks of which I am a part.

I’ve labeled these in the image below. The interesting thing is that each is a different shape. Read more…