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Disclaimers, Disclosures, & Terms

  • First and foremost: everything I post here represents my view only, and is not meant to represent the position or recommendation of my employer, or anyone else.
  • As a general guideline, I’ll be reasonable about things… so the fact that Apple today represents 14% of the NASDAQ composite’s market cap isn’t relevant (I hold several total-market positions), but if I held XYZ shares of AAPL it would be relevant to some Nokia-bashing, etc.
  • Click the tabs to find out more details about disclosures and the terms & conditions (including privacy information / data collection) of this site.
  • Please note that this should be construed to extend to any subsites as well, like my old college blog.

  • Professional:

    • In my current working capacity I interface with senior people and extremely proprietary plans and data on a regular basis. Confidentiality is key, and I would never post anything related to specific clients or engagements, and any mention of a client or their products is entirely coincidental.
    • Because I’m not going to go around giving a list of all the things I’ve worked on, and for whom, you’ll just have to accept some blank spaces out there.
    • If I’m doing something interesting and can share information about it, I will. But this is unlikely to be the case. My firm does sometimes do¬†interesting public-facing work.

    Past Professional:

    • I spent three summers working at Google (2008-2010) and am very thankful to them for helping pay my Yale tuition.
    • Nothing I write here is intended to reflect the views of Google or any other employers or benefactors, either.

    Friends & Family:

    • Not likely to write about anything directly tied to friends & family, but if I do, I’ll make it known.
    • Note that I know a lot of people working at Google, Microsoft, wherever. Stalk me on LinkedIn if you’re concerned about this one.


    • Although I’m unlikely to call out stock-picks, note that I only own broad market-tracking index funds and securities, with a few random exceptions. Again, will call out when this is the case. Wish I had more holdings to make this more of a problem….
    • Affiliate links & advertisements: Links on this site may contain affiliate tracking codes (e.g., Amazon Associates) or other referral links. When you click these links and make a purchase, I would receive a commission from the site where you made that purchase.
    • No advertisements are employed at this time. No paid content exists on this site, nor am I paid to write (or not write) about any topic.

  • 1. Acceptance of Terms

    • By visiting this website and accessing its content and materials, you agree to be bound by the following terms. Your use thereof indicates your consent.
    • I reserve the right to change these terms at any time.

    2. Privacy

    • I reserve the right to track and record events that happen on this site, including user interactions with it.
      • Google Analytics and some other tracking tools (StatCounter, WordPress, etc.) are employed; server logs also exist.
      • Affiliate tracking codes may record your purchased items (but in an anonymized way which prevents me from knowing which clicker made which click).
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    • This information may be stored indefinitely, according with the normal retention policies of the services employed (e.g. Google Analytics).
    • I have not ever, and will not: sell, share, trade, or otherwise disclose any of this information unless otherwise required to do so by law.

    3. Copyright

    • Unless otherwise noted, assume everything here is copyrighted by me. Ask if you want to use something.
      • Some things to call out here – the MTA map background is definitely owned by the MTA; B&W historical image backgrounds (should) be public domain pictures from Wikipedia / WikiMedia or various U.S. gov archives. Another is from NASA (Earth at Night). If you believe you are the proper owner or rightsholder of anything here that should not be, please contact me, as I have tried to cite properly and not infringe upon anything/one/person.
    • Your submitting of content here grants me an irrevocable, worldwide, royalty-free license to do whatever with it.
    • Please only post things that you have the right to do so.

    4. Use

    • There are no guarantees about quality or continuity of service.
    • If you experience problems with the site, please contact me so I can try to fix.
    • No warranty is provided.
    • Caveat emptor.

    5. Other terms

    • This list is not exhaustive, and the omission of terms or rights does not imply their being waived.

This page last updated June 6, 2013.