The universe is a big place

I'm trying to leave it better than I found it. I can't reverse entropy (yet), but I can try to make a positive impact for those around me - one planet or orbital habitat at a time. Medium-term goals include helping make the world's cities thrive, improving my recipe for chocolate chip cookies, and building a space elevator.

East Coast West Coast

I came to the Bay Area for an MBA at Stanford, and I'm now working here, but I grew up in, went to school in, last lived in, and miss, the Northeast! (Boston, Yale, NYC, respectively). People in California are happy all the time and that can be real stressful. It is fun to drive our convertible down the coast, though...

My wife Anna and I (pictured) have taken up surfing and skiing in order to get more non-sunny weather post-move. It is also an extra opportunity for us to color and style coordinate.

I love the outdoors, animals, learning, art, reading, gadgets, disagreeing with people… I try to learn important life lessons from my cat, Mittens, and my family golden retriever, Arlo. I'm a big fan of goats (and their cheese), but sadly was merely borrowing the goat pictured.

I also like tying together disparate topics, even without clear transitions. For an academic exploration of my thoughts about the intersection of politics and technology, browse my undergraduate thesis, “Hijacked Dreams: Technological Determinism and the Idea of Progress.”
I promise you’ll learn something new!

Skills and Powers

Here are a few highlights from my CV - and some you might not find there at all!
For more details, check out LinkedIn. For a lot more detail - write me for a resume.

Stanford GSB, MBA

  • Superpower: Able to network even under extreme duress
  • Weakness: Student loans!

Tech + Liberal Arts

  • Deep product and growth strategy experience across industries
  • I talk to humans, computers, and humans-who-talk-to-computers

Management Consulting

  • Survived (and promoted) over 5 years to Engagement Manager
  • Really good at packing and traveling; bad at enduring TSA

Optimistic Cynicism

  • I have high hopes and standards for the world - and myself.
  • I'm not a pessimist - I'm just an optimist with high standards... That the world sometimes fails.

Tikkun Olam

  • I believe in a responsibility to help improve societal welfare
  • This means championing inclusion at GSB; diversity at work; and much more

A Spoonful of Sugar

  • I love to bake for all my colleagues, friends, and prospective hiring managers
  • Cookies, popovers, brownies... just a few of the assets I bring!

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